January 29th, 2011

I Wash

The Caffeine Carrot is Pulled Away Again

Looks like I have another urinary tract infection. At least it's not my imagination this time. Unless I've just been on one big, mundane, mildly frustrating hallucinatory journey. Though things certainly seem to be going a lot better than last time. I went to the Scripps Clinic across town, which my insurance seems to cover, though I don't know how much of. But even if it ends up not covering me at all, this is still going to be a lot cheaper than last time because I didn't get a CT scan--there wasn't even a question of it. Where the Grossmont ER had automatically put me under the machine after finding out I didn't have insurance, this place just took a urine sample, asked me questions about symptoms, and the doctor prodded my belly. And he figured out it was either UTI or bladder cancer--the latter only being the case if the sample came back without bacteria from the lab an hour hence. Since I haven't heard back, and that was five hours ago, it looks like it is, indeed, UTI.

Hooray, my insides are infested and disgusting!

I asked the doctor what he thought might be causing these UTIs and he said simply, "Bad luck." That's it. Nothing about food, hygiene, exposure to toxic waste. Medical science just doesn't know. This didn't stop my mother, when I called her, from telling me it was because I don't exercise enough and I wear too much black. I'm more black cloth now than man, twisted and evil.

The antibiotics were around half the price of last time, too. I'm daring to hope this'll all be cheaper than my school books, though I guess that's not saying much since my school books were nearly 300 dollars. This is with managing to get one of them for 99 cents and another for 14 dollars on my Kindle. I'm probably going to end up buying a nine dollar parking permit, too, since I'm not supposed to exercise with the antibiotics.

They ought to just give me a standing prescription for ciprofloxacin. So just since Christmas I've had a cold, a stomach flu, and now a UTI. You're not gonna stop me, you fuckers!
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