March 30th, 2011


In Red on Flowers

A correction to yesterday's post; Natalie Portman had a butt double for the upcoming Your Highness, not for Black Swan. She's no fun either way. She oughta take a lesson from these lesbian bugs I saw to-day;

Yes, lesbian bugs--a lot of people don't know lady bugs are all either cisgender or transgender females.

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I drove across town for some mayonnaise after class last night--the only good vegan mayo I can find is at Whole Foods in La Jolla. The next best thing I can find nearby is "Nayonnaise," which is a bit heavy on the soy for me. It smells eggier than mayonnaise with actual egg in it, at least at first. After a few days it just smells like an old shoe.

I was driving towards a great sunset, catching on the clouds to make it look like a nebula. I was listening to Jimi Hendrix and "Purple Haze" seemed rather appropriate. I took this picture when I got to the grocery store, though the pinks weren't quite as intense by then;

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