March 31st, 2011

I Couldn't . . .

Class In Class

No real time for a blog entry to-day. I need to get to Thursday's long night of classes.

I've yet to do my anthropology assignment, though I'm not really sure if it's mandatory or not--the teacher asked us to write down two "sex questions" we've always been afraid to ask without putting our names on the paper. I've been trying hard to think of questions, and so far the ones I'm coming up with I'm pretty sure aren't of the kind he had in mind, like, "Have you been jerking off to the pictures you took of all of us?" But I think I am genuinely afraid to know the answer.

It really doesn't seem like something for a college class, more like high school sex-ed. It's particularly awkward considering there are a few people in the class who are at least fifteen years older than the teacher. I guess if there are any Cialis related questions I'll know where they're coming from.

Twitter Sonnet #247

The dark bird over Safeway's not a chick.
Torpedoes of wine taint Kraken's liver.
An overdressed sea captain thinks he's sick.
The smug ocean makes fun of the river.
Gin soaked hermit seeks vermouth spellcaster.
A cocoanut pulls the tough shoestring limb.
Heaven's Jacuzzi's reserved for Pasteur.
But Mel Gibson refuses to join him.
Bug eyes wonder under a brunette sky.
Mild milk leaves the lactose paradigm.
Raven nipples heed a hungry skull's cry.
Cocoanut's poisonous when mixed with lime.
Lemon lime eyes are blinded by a Sprite.
Mercury grants citrus the gift of flight.
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