June 23rd, 2011

Into the Bay

Walking is Strange

It was sort of ridiculous the number of interesting subjects to photograph I came across yesterday when I walked to the store. I stopped to feed the ducks, then saw another crayfish inexplicably crossing the dry dirt path apparently to get from one part of the river to another.

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Twitter Sonnet #275

Cognac climax plateaus in a stasis.
Bacta addicts balloon with sluggish will.
Gum adheres on a need to stick basis.
Bubble Yum grains always mess up the mill.
No sign of life came with the newspaper.
The air misses a baby gorilla.
Only old sounds warm any new caper.
Shaking iron grids Yorick's maxilla.
Flower nostrils sneeze crushed skeleton dust.
Pages of beat strawberry redden hands.
Hammocks dip for a coy marshmallow bust.
Repetitive grins hold in shifting sands.
Crustacean audiences are fruitless.
Apricot digestive tracts are bootless.
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