January 3rd, 2013


Sleep in the Sky

So I decided to-day was the day I was going to start getting up earlier to be ready for when school starts at the end of the month. Because none of the classes I need were offered at night. Well, at least I'll be ready for Comic-Con.

I've started my compulsive checking of the Comic-Con web site that usually slackens about two weeks before I miss the day the passes start going on sale. And I just know the one e-mail from Comic-Con that goes to my spam folder will be the one announcing pass availability. At least I'm doing the professional badge now, those seem to get snatched up a lot slower than the regular passes.

I'm pretty much too zombified to-day to talk about much else, so here are some pictures I've taken over the past couple months;

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Twitter Sonnet #463

Bottomless bottles open the carrot.
Irish ninja lassies canno eat cheese.
Lactose fireworks sate Lady Shalott.
Zeppelin lemons slide down twenty twelve's knees.
Elbows level under the horizon.
Upside down birds see a small normal moon.
Pink popsicle sticks softly sing treason.
Answers are located in Brigadoon.
Nebula fans land all across the bar.
White dwarves are dumb to patriotic sound.
Fireworks are distant from any star.
All warheads are safe when no-one's around.
Confetti coalesces into a ship.
Baby cruise liner sinks in apple dip.