May 16th, 2013


Sleepy Petroleum Swallower

I am returned finally from a little unexpected road trip. I was jonsing for lunch and coffee after school and when I got to my car--parked a fifteen minutes walk away from campus--it wouldn't start, the battery was dead.

It's a good thing my mother had gotten me a AAA membership for my birthday. I stood in the sun reading and waiting for the guy to show up and jump start my car. He ended up being a fellow of, I'd say, no less than 75 years of age, skinny with mannerisms I greatly appreciate in the elderly; taciturn and, when he did speak, it was with those definite consonants and vowels rounded in a plain way hardly anyone, myself included, seems to speak with anymore. I guess you could say people sound more effeminate and child-like than they used to to my ear. It cuts across the board--no matter how conservative the person we're talking about. There's really not much difference between the voices of Sean Hannity and Chris Hayes. I'm not saying there's anything fundamentally wrong in how all of us talk now, I'm just nostalgic, I guess.

Anyway, the guy told me I needed to drive the car for at least forty-five minutes to charge the battery so I took it for an hour and a half meandering tour. Which would have been a treat under different circumstances--I love driving. I used to drive fifty miles on the flimsiest pretexts back before gasoline became incredibly expensive. I wish I had an electric car.

Now that I've finally had a burrito and coffee I suppose I ought to go out and see if the car will start up from that charge. I hope I won't have to get a new battery though I bet I will. If only I could take the trolley to school: it's the only thing that's not in walking distance.