September 30th, 2013

The Shadow or Welles Hatted

Red Leaves and Animals

The egret meets the Shadow. Well, my shadow.

Here are some more pictures I've taken lately;

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I watched Saturday's new Monogatari episode while eating breakfast to-day. Continuing the story of Nadeko's onset of puberty represented by confusing social interactions and snake demons, now the talking snake of the shrine is bound to her, talking to her in a voice only she can hear about how the two of them need to become one. He sets her at a pointless, time consuming task of finding "his body" by digging in a playground sandbox.

In addition to the obvious masturbation metaphor, the show's exhibiting the perhaps inevitable Evangelion influence in Nadeko's character. First in building sand castles, then in Shinobu's kind of funny, Asuka-like berating of Nadeko for being so quiet and superficially accommodating.

Though, honestly, I still preferred the original series' criticisms of male sexual preoccupations. Jumping on poor Shinobu, calling her privileged because she's pretty and quiet feels a bit Travis Bickle in a bad way. Maybe it's Shinobu as Araragi's shadow being a reflection of the feminine half of his personality, but that may be reading too far into it. I did think it was funny when Shinobu KOed Araragi before he could suggest sleeping in the same bed with Nadeko.

Twitter Sonnet #552

Chemical pompadour skylines crush coasts.
Mouldy blueberry rakes burst against leaves.
Plastic thistle spirits have fear of roasts.
Clockwork communion hosts are held in sheaves.
Turquoise magma smears the TV cropped shore.
Tiles disappear into the chimney.
Curved rain frenzies a dandelion spore.
The speeding hearse carried just a kidney.
Ancient Hershey's kisses fill the barrow.
Chocolate coated with blue dust chokes the dead.
Otter Pop fuel glows cobalt through marrow.
Centuries forget what paint tombstones said.
Emerald amber oozed beneath a grass sky.
Lime drenched birch boughs preclude the floating lie.