July 10th, 2015


Comic Con, Late Afternoon

Twitter Sonnet #768

Contemplative printers tell no inkjet.
Skulls go hapless along the heady side.
Fallow dramas repeal the parapet.
A thousand ants remove the liquid hide.
Ill fitting foot hats revoke street lanterns.
Unthought colas redeem hearts in the can.
Fish take reroutes confront the steep cisterns.
Above the corn sways a blue balloon man.
The space is filled up by sudden Conan.
The rumoured roving Bill may not exist.
Foil lighting takes on night and mornin'.
Legos are always easy to resist.
Boomstick requests meet no man or monkey.
Distant razors play alien hockey.
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    Die Walkure, Zweiter Aufzug, Zweite Szene - Richard Wagner
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