October 21st, 2019

Then Again

The Acidic Fruit of Emotional Attachment

Series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, after not writing any new scripts for season two, returned for season three to write an episode featuring a reunion between Aeryn and her mother, Xhalax. It makes sense for him to write it considering this story is one that returns to the fundamental themes of the series about non-traditional family groups and exile in a new way.

Season Three, Episode Ten: Relativity

The story shifts back to the Talyn crew and we find the young gun ship recuperating on a swamp planet with healing vines. But the Peacekeeper retrieval squad headed by Aeryn's mother, Xhalax (Linda Cropper), has found them thanks to the help of two wicked looking trackers.

Not quite as horrifically framed as the one introduced in "Thanks for Sharing" but these puppet head costumes are still standout works from the Creature Shop.

The episode's plot is roughly split into three dialogues: Aeryn (Claudia Black) and her mother, Crichton (Ben Browder) and Crais (Lani Tupu), and Stark (Paul Goddard) and Rygel (Jonathan Hardy). The last of these is more or less comic relief though poor Rygel suffers an impressive wound after an uncharacteristic act of heroism.

Crichton and Crais essentially return to the conflict of Crichton understandably being unable to trust Crais. This episode begins by showing us that Crichton and Aeryn are now sleeping together regularly so a lot of the tension from "Green Eyed Monster" is gone. It's kind of left Crais out in the metaphorical cold and it adds some suspense when Crichton uses Crais as bait for the trackers.

But the main event is Aeryn versus her mother as the younger Sun has to contend with the fact that her mother bitterly regrets the transgression that led to Aeryn's conception. There's some unspoken significance in that Aeryn's relationship with Crichton is an "emotional attachment", a break from Peacekeeper sexual protocol, similar to Xhalax's relationship with Aeryn's father. Aeryn's fledgling model for her transgressive family dynamic is falling apart. Claudia Black plays the grief really well.

Xhalax offers no comfort and once again Aeryn, like the rest of Moya and Talyn's crews, is left to make sense of life on her own.

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