November 2nd, 2019

Then Again

Attractive Suns

Farscape takes its young, living gunship straight towards a sun in an episode that dwells on physical compulsion and death. Talyn's deadly trajectory occurs while gases released aboard the ship stimulate appetites and while Stark encounters a strange, beautiful alien.

Season Three, Episode Twelve: Meltdown

Stark (Paul Goddard) is the most central character in this episode and it uses to good effect his ability to help dead spirits cross over to the afterlife. The episode also advances another character trait, one introduced earlier in the season--his loneliness.

He's the kind of guy who tends to become utterly devoted to the woman he likes, in this case Sierjna (Susan Lyons), a woman who suddenly materialises in the corridor with Stark when Talyn is in dangerous proximity to a star. His devotion to her comes partly from the fact that she's dead and doesn't realise it. As a Stykera, his power and his function is to help ferry dead souls to their destination so his protective feelings for her are bound up with his lifelong duty.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Crichton (Ben Browder), Aeryn (Claudia Black), and Crais (Lani Tupu) encounter a being with a less friendly appearance--a guy who looks like a lava demon named Mu-Quillus (Mark Mitchell).

Another real triumph from the makeup department. He presents a story about how he's an innocent bystander of a "siren" phenomenon in the nearby stars that draws in and kills Leviathons. No-one trusts him, especially not Crais, whose been made extra murderous by a fog that the damaged Talyn is leaking from his conduits. The same fog has given Rygel (Jonathan Hardy) a dangerously insatiable hunger and has made Crichton and Aeryn extremely horny, a state neither of them seem to mind so much if it weren't distracting them from handling the current crisis.

This nicely develops the season arc about Crichton and Aeryn's relationship but the real centre of the episode is Stark. It's a good science fiction show that so successful blends different conceptual threads for its stories and this mysterious set-up with ethereal beings around a sun lends itself to a fascinating use of Stark's character.

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