January 1st, 2020

Dancing Men

The 2010s in Film, as Far as I Could See

Happy New Year, everyone. One of the regular features on this blog is a ranking at the end of the decade of every movie I saw. I fully appreciate the rationale that says the decade would really begin on 2021 but, the way I see it, when we think about the 1980s or 1950s, we think of them beginning in 1980 or 1950 because we call the 80s and the 50s based on their names, not their numerical values.

For this decade I'm dividing the 278 films I saw into three categories: Worst, Better, and Best.

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Twitter Sonnet #1313

A muppet swapped for toonish dreams returned.
A cloudy place includes the icy gaol.
Through Jawa eyes the hidden droid's discerned.
A frozen stone was sent by Hothly mail.
A curving path resolved in broken stones.
A missing house eludes the turning eye.
Increasing speed digests the burning bones.
A magic light projects another try.
Courageous strides deliver peeps to Earth.
A tide of clocks betide the flood of hands.
The steel and stone descry an iron berth.
And so the massive ship discreetly lands.
A running cat was scratching grounded ears.
A horde of films became a dime of years.
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