April 30th, 2020

Then Again

The Mind Unknown

Farscape's angriest character, D'Argo, finds he has to face whether or not he can control his rage in a fourth season episode refreshingly reminiscent of earlier seasons.

Season Four, Episode Fifteen: Mental as Anything

When was the last time an episode was about anyone's backstory but Crichton's (Ben Browder)? Not since season three. Well, I guess Jool a little bit at the beginning of season four. But this is the first episode since early in season three to focus on D'Argo's (Anthony Simcoe) past and the first time his wife's murder has been talked about since, I think, season one.

At Scorpius' (Wayne Pygram) recommendation, half of Moya's crew--for some reason only all the male crewmembers--visit a master of some kind of mental discipline, Katoya (John Brumpton), in order to receive training. Among the students is none other than Macton (Blair Venn), brother of D'Argo's deceased wife, Lo'Laan (Rachel Gordon).

It had been established earlier that D'Argo's imprisonment was for the murder of his wife and that he'd been framed by Macton who put the blame on Luxan "hyper-rage". Macton, D'Argo believes, was Lo'Laan's true killer. When D'Argo first sees Macton, his first instinct is to murder him. But eventually, D'Argo confesses to Crichton that he may well have killed Lo'Laan himself because hyper-rage also causes blackout, meaning he might have killed Lo'Laan without retaining memory of the crime.

The torment of not knowing for sure is fertile ground for great story and character development but the episode eventually does provide an answer. Before that, though, Anthony Simcoe gives a brave, unrestrained and effective performance. He does a good job of showing the horror in contemplating the possibility that Lo'Laan had been lying to him, to spare his feelings, about whether or not he'd ever hit her in fit of hyper-rage. He shows the horror of considering the possibility that he may have killed the woman who was willing to give her life for him.

Meanwhile, Crichton undergoes special training in a metal box over lava. His final escape from this is a moment of distinctly Crichton-ish, amusing, and slightly scary madness.

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