January 22nd, 2021


Space Politics and Hot Wires

Wednesday's new episode of The Expanse almost felt like it'd become a survival series. With the story about Amos and Clarissa trying to survive on an Earth devastated by massive rocks and Naomi just trying to jury rig a radio on a booby trapped ship it almost felt like The Walking Dead.

Avasarala's plot, though, feels a bit more like an Iraq War allegory as she seems to be the only one of the acting leader's advisory team not advocating attacking Belter stations with civilians. Considering the scale of destruction caused by Marco, it's no wonder some Earth brass start thinking "It's us are them." It got me wondering just how big the Belter population is.

I feel like they should be spending more time figuring out if Marco is capable of another attack like the one he pulled off. The Belters seem so scattered and small that going nuclear on them seems odd.

But the episode's centrepiece was really Naomi struggling to warn people against following her phony distress signal.

We watch her struggle to connect and cut wires properly in oxygen free corridors while still suffering from exposure to a vaccuum is captivating. The show's renowned predilection for exploring science possibilities in a true old fashioned Sci-Fi way is served well by another good performance from Dominique Tipper.

The Expanse is available on Amazon Prime.

Twitter Sonnet #1435

The boiled yam was never drawn as fresh.
To chop the cabbage brings the green to dine.
With steamy metal, food o'rwhelmed the mesh.
Connexions caught the taste of Jerez wine.
The floating trunk creates the elephant.
The drinking nose returned an eyeless stare.
The eating man rejects the applicant.
But dancing leaves'd yet relinquish care.
Selective hands were spider shades at work.
The timing clicked before the watches wound.
We count the song as Lisa's seventh perk.
The falling leaves support the floating ground.
There's drifting planet people swimming late.
The island name implied a lonesome wait.