January 23rd, 2021

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Are Sitcoms Not Real?

The third episode of WandaVision premiered last night and, at a mere 33 minutes, there wasn't much of it. Actually, more like 26 minutes because six minutes were credits. To be fair, two minutes were credits for the voice dub casts for various countries (why am I seeing these?) but why do so many fingers need to be in the pie of something that mostly looks like a sitcom?

That's a lot of resumes being padded, eh? There was a really unconvincing cgi stork in the episode so I'm sure at least five people ought to have legitimately been credited for special effects.

It's a '70s show now and in colour. Slightly less time is spent on the goofy plot about Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) trying to hide her rapid pregnancy. We get a few hints about alien agency.

People on the internet noticed this symbol represents "SWORD", a government organisation like SHIELD, one that deals with extraterrestrial threats. It's worn by actress Teyonah Parris who, as everyone online seems to already know, is secretly playing Monica Rambeau, daughter of one of the worst characters in Captain Marvel. Wanda seems upset when she realises her sitcom costar isn't what she appears--Vision (Paul Bettany) just seems intrigued when their other neighbours seem fishy. Which makes it seem like Wanda's running this show.

But what's with all the Hydra product commercials then? Maybe Hydra created the simulation and Wanda's hijacked it while SWORD are sending in agents to try to rescue her? Since Vision was apparently killed in Infinity War, maybe the one we're seeing is a reconstruction based in the simulation and that's why Wanda doesn't want to escape. But then what would be the purpose of the simulation in the first place? It looks like it's taking up space on Earth so maybe it's part of some kind of world takeover plan? But why is everyone making their logos so visible, particularly the SWORD agent? Maybe they're reflections of Wanda's subconscious identifying people and things.

Olsen and Bettany continue to have nice chemistry, nice enough I'd like to see more of their characters having some honest interaction instead of the increasingly dopey sitcom routine.

WandaVision is available on Disney+.