January 28th, 2021

Ashi no tomodachi

A Brief Expanse

The winning subplot this season on The Expanse is Amos and Clarissa on Earth with Naomi coming in second. I liked Bobbie and Alex early on but they've been stuck in that little ship flying back and forth for a few episodes now. Shohreh Anghdashloo is wonderful as always but her plot is a little too much like a coded message about the U.S. wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Holden, as always, is a drip, though the stuff about Fred Johnson and the reporter in his subplot was nice. But nothing holds a candle to Amos and Clarissa, especially not after last night.

It began as a story about a former gangster returning home. Then it became a sci fi prison escape film. Then it was a wilderness survival film. And finally, last night, it became a household siege film. Through it all, Amos (Wes Chatham) and Clarissa (Nadine Nicole) are an unlikely duo of murderers, each one complementing the other's strengths and flaws. Amos is the durable tank without empathy, Clarissa is the vulnerable, occasionally super powerful, and overly passionate slasher. It's a classic comic combo.

All in all, though, this hasn't been an especially strong season. I really miss David Strathairn and Thomas Jane. I feel like the first three seasons were the strongest.

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Twitter Sonnet #1437

The absent lemon boosts the wooden car.
For coffee spilled the milky air absorbs.
The very space was split to make a star.
The eyes were white and dark within the orbs.
The chipper mouse was lost amid the gloom.
A leading thread arrived before the shirt.
Construction stopped beside the rusty loom.
A gear contracts a case of coffee dirt.
The talking blobs were pudding words in mouths.
The quiver aced the arrow quizzing gel.
The varied norths reflect the waving souths.
The brainy sea assumes propellers well.
A heap of masts divert avenging ships.
The fire sauce absorbs the salty chips.