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As I was feeling melancholy and depressed as fuck anyway, I figured it would be a good time to finish the somewhat soul-oppressive task of finishing my poetry website.

To see it, click here.

These poems are in no particular order, and any of them could have been written anytime from about seven years ago to about a week ago. This selection is just a few that I felt were among my best pieces.

I'm still not completely certain why I wanted to put up the website at all . . . But it seems to fit in with my almost inexplicable feelings of loneliness and rejection at this moment. (btw, if anyone’s annoyed by my whining, they would do well to remember that this is in fact my journal. So piss off).

It’s odd that at the same time that I ravenously desire to be alone, and am so proud of my eccentricities, I’m also irritatingly lonely, and ashamed of my freakishness.

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