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The water

It's not the first time, and it prolly won't be the last, but I'm wondering again if I should be drinking the water I currently am drinking.

My grandmother purchased it at a store called GMC and in spite of the fact that the bottles look like bottles of Arrowhead brand drinking water, with Arrowhead labels and everything, they cost a mere seventeen cents. And also, interestingly, the water tastes quite like tap water.

Hmm. Methinks there be some "clever" entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood. Well, perhaps I oughtn't be too snide, as here I am drinking it.

I loath tap water. I really do. The tap water around here is supposed to be exceptionally well filtered, and yet to me, I have to say, the stuff tastes an awful lot like cow saliva.


I decided to-day to leave this place. Pretty soon. A few months anyway.

It seems I remember a part of me that was healthily crazy that's been suppressed for too long now . . . and I think that it's kept me from growing. I think I need to get out of this city, because this city seems to be filled with people and institutions that cannot offer me anything without adding fear to the package. Even the people I love are afraid to make the slightest commitments to me.

. . . I dunno. I feel kinna awful saying that . . .

Still, I don't feel quite like I'd be running away. In a sense, I feel like I'd be running away by staying. I think I just need to get out of the context of a lot of other people's impressions of me . . .

Yeah . . . that's it . . .

I think in our heart of hearts, everyone knows that fucking up on your own is a learning experience, and ain't so bad usually--and usually won't kill you. While fucking up while certain other people are watching . . . can present certain obstacles . . .

Gods, I feel good just thinking about leaving. Y'know? I think I made the right decision.

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