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Life's Not Funny After All

It's the meme where you show the first line of every month from your journal!

January: "I've somewhat revamped the Boschen and Nesuko site."
February: "I just learned, somewhat appropriately, I suppose, from hernewshoes that Moira Shearer died yesterday."
March: "I had what can certainly be described as a good day yesterday."
April: "I had a really hard time keeping my eye on the ball yesterday."
May: "listeningowl's birthday's to-day."
June: "New Boschen and Nesuko."
July: "One thing I forgot to say about Superman Returns the other day;"
August: "I bought a copy of Munich last night at Target--it's down to only ten dollars."
September: "Glah, I feel slug-like to-day."
October: "Hello!"
November: "The final chapter of Boschen and Nesuko is up."
December: "That wacky Orson Scott Card is at it again."

Well, that was kind of lame. I am dull. Here's Tom Waits;

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