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Amorphous siren

I've splurged. A bit.

I bought a twelve pack of cherry coke. I couldn’t help it--this place has been sadly lacking in cold beverages for so long, and I don't believe I've ever seen cherry coke in twelve pack before. They seem to be pushing cherry coke right alongside vanilla coke, which is good with me.

To-day I;

1) Turned in a job application at Victoria's Secret.

2) Met a lady bug at Burger King, sitting across from me while I was eating my BK Veggie. When I finished eating, I scooped the little thing up gently in one hand, carried it outside and, after a bit of difficulty (those things really grip your hand), set it free in a bush. I was reminded of rescuing a lady bug from a pool when I was about five years old. I remember my mum informing me that the bug was now in love with me because I had rescued her.

3) Had a brief telephone conversation with Trisa where she informed me that my company was not currently required or desired, due to the presence of her friend Vickie. A conversation that left me feeling a tad asphyxiated.

4) My friend sent me more very nice pictures of herself nude, and, later, at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf as I eyed a couple of pretty Chinese girls, I belatedly fully reconciled within myself the difference between having feelings for a girl, and loving the appearance of a female body. Something that, as a passionate lover of beauty, I've always had a bit of difficulty with. The air was exceptionally thick with the scent of tea.

Now I suppose I ought to eat something.

To-day thus far I have ingested;

1) A banana/blueberry/rice milk smoothie.

2) A BK Veggie, with medium onion rings and a small coke.

3) A grande latté.

4) A glass of rice milk.

5) A small coffee.

6) A can of cherry coke.

Now. What next?

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