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A Holiday in Gigabytes

Happy Christmas, folks . . . It's been pretty nice, actually. Victoria the cat seems to have gotten a lot better. Almost too much better. She's gone from eating nothing at all to wanting to be fed every fifteen minutes. I was for some reason in the mood to watch La Belle et la Bete last night, but constantly had to pause it to give Victoria another pinch of tuna. But after everything that's happened, I could hardly say no to her. We just need to get that tube out of her neck, which is now really doing more harm than good as she can't seem to leave it under her little gauze collar. Every time I see her, it's poking out like an antenna.

Tim gave me a thumb drive with a slightly over two gigabyte capacity, and my mother gave me an iPod with about eighty gigabytes, which is more space than I have on my computer's hard drive. The only trouble with both of those gifts is that I don't have a USB port. Tim was astonished I'd gone so long without one. Fortunately, they're cheap.

So thus far, I've only been using the iPod with my mother's computer, which I'm using now, and am currently in the process of transferring all of my mp3s (yes, all, er, four gigs). Of course I have to use iTunes to do it . . . For a computer company so associated with artists and freedom, I'm always struck by how fascist Apple's programmes and hardware seem to be. This iPod supposedly plays video, but only two very specific, inefficient file types I rarely encounter. And iTunes, as a programme, is one unwieldy for its advertisements and unintuitive interface.

Fortunately, I've already found a third party programme that allows one to convert AVI files into iPod friendly files (I'd link to the programme's site, except my mother's Hewlett Packard computer, itself imposing a less personal sort of fascism, has some sort of V-Chip thing that doesn't allow users to access Google or Yahoo). Hopefully, I can get it working, and maybe use the iPod to watch episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Tim put on the thumb drive . . .

I've still only gotten thirteen pages done on the "Moving Nameless" fanfic. Between caring for Victoria and a very long conversation about Stars Wars with the young Piettphile sovay and a general laziness, I've not done much. I blame holiday lethargy.

I've also had a few AIM conversations with hernewshoes during which I finally received some of the very detailed feedback on Boschen and Nesuko I'd been desperate for. So things've been good.
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