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3 Dreams

I recall dreaming three dreams last night;

1) I was an adventurer in a medieval fantasy world, much like Middle-Earth. I had an assorted crew of companions, and we were on a quest for the fate of the world. The primary difference from Lord of the Rings or similar fantasy/adventure stories, was that we knew from the outset, deep in our hearts and plainly in our conscious minds, that we were doomed to failure and that this great evil was going to kill us all. And he eventually did--he was a large man swathed in a black shadow that laughed as he killed each of us slowly, and everyone shed lots of tears.

2) I was out really, really late and I was beginning to feel tired. So I telephoned Winona Ryder. She gave me a secret code to use on her alarm system, but once I got inside her door, I couldn't remember the code. So the alarm was going off with tiny blinking red lights and sirens, and I was yelling, "Winona! WINONA!" but she wouldn't wake up. The irony hit me that I might be arrested for burglarising Winona Ryder.

3) I showed up at the home of Melora Creagor, the lead singer of Rasputina, who are an excellent band of cello-playing ladies. The place looked sort of like a cross between a Victorian mansion and a huge dusty warehouse filled with bizarre antiques and mannequins. The entry-room was separated by a huge black, wrought iron fence, with a gate, and I and another man were waiting on the entrance side of the fence, eyeing each other distrustfully. Finally, the gate opened a bit and I ran through, and slammed it shut before the other guy could get through. Then I used my bow and arrows to shoot at him from the other side, where he couldn't reach me. He ran about like a panicked animal as I shot at him.


This morning I added applesauce to my regular smoothie and I like it.

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