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Where's a Houyhnhnm When You Need Him?

Yahoo! has this "Answers" feature where members post a question which is then answered by other members in a comments section.

Looking at Yahoo! a few minutes ago, I saw a headline for Spider-Man 3 with a link to the user question, "why is spiderman's costume black in spiderman-3?"

"Oh, this is going to be good," methinks.

Answers range from, "just so you guys know there are three goblins green hob and green II," to "Find out May 4, 2007 when the movie is released nationwide."

But my favourite is from a fellow named kevin, who writes, "It cus it the suit the eventually becomes venom soo the had to introduce that first as Peter Parkers New suite in case there arepeople outt there that don't know the story behind that suite...That way even the newbees that are watching Spiderman for the first time.. like the little kids will know whats going on!"

What's this place called again? Yahoo?
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