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Stay on Target

I dreamt I was Christmas shopping just after nightfall, and I was coming out of a redbrick Target when I saw a homeless cat with whom I'd gone to school. I asked the cat how he was doing, and he said he was fine--I was careful to keep a distance, though, because although I was on friendly terms with the cat, he was feral and had a tendency to lash out for no apparent reason.

I then noticed an enormous spider web across the sidewalk, which I'd seen the last time I'd spoken to the cat outside this Target a few years earlier. "I can't believe this spider web's still here!" I said.

"What spider web?" said the cat.

"How couldn't you have noticed this--it's enormous!" The cat looked to where I was pointing and was duly impressed.

"I wonder what the spider looked like," I said. "It must be long dead by now."

But it wasn't--I saw it the next instant. It was a dark, Swamp Thing green and about twelve inches long. It looked like a small man with disproportionately long arms which ended in curved claws. He used these to cling to the webbing like a sloth. Somehow I could tell he was blind and very dangerous.

I told the cat not to eat it.
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