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Morrowwind is an evil, evil game.

I went to Magious's at about 8pm. I played Morrowwind. Magious's computer crashed, allowing me to glance at the clock. It was 3am.

I am not tired, not even remotely. I feel like I could run a marathon. That fucking game . . . I had decided to go around murdering people, then taking their clothes and dressing up like them until I killed the next person, and dressed like them.

I had a really bizarre fucking bloodlust going.

And I got like no work done to-day.

Even before Magious's, all I did was make a bunch of windows wallpapers. Well, okay, to be fair with myself, I did work on my comic book, did some leg work towards getting my classes, and I went grocery shopping. (which reminds me--I've green tea now . . . is it too late--or too early--to make some? Hmm . . .).

I also listened to a lot of Aimee Mann's new album, which turns out to be presented in its entirety, with illustrations, on her official web site;

Still. I think I should just be thankful that to-day didn't hideously suck or something, and was instead quite enjoyable. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be more productive to-morrow. Er, to-day.
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