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Animals in our lives

There're an almost alarming amount of squirrels in the backyard. I counted three just by glancing outside a few times while eating breakfast. One of them, it took my eyes a few seconds to notice--but when they did, it was something of a shock to see the largest squirrel I've ever seen sitting magnanimously atop the stone birdbath, gazing at his cousins scampering about in the tomato bushes below.

Tomatoes just don't seem like the sort of thing a squirrel would eat, yet I saw a pair of the scrawniest specimens standing up straight, stretching up in order to nibble on the little red fruits.

(Tomatoes are fruits, by the way. Did you know that you can tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable by whether the thing has seeds[for fruits] or nuts/beans[for vegetables]?)


I dreamt last night that I was at a primitive mall, made of rough wooden poles and animal skins. It was located in a lush, although somewhat dry looking due to the hot summer, forest. Mall-goers were dressed in loincloths, and instead of cell phone kiosks, there were merchants pushing gourds, beads, and magical amulets.

It seemed like some really important mall employee was upset with me. So as dusk set in, I had to lay low, and hide in various stores in the mall, one of which, I'm pretty sure, was a primitive video arcade.

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