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I've Done a Meme

happyspector tagged me for this meme, and though I'll honour the tag, I don't feel like passing it on. Anyone who wants the meme can take it. But the cycle of violence ends here.

THE RULES! Each player lists 8 facts or habits about themselves; the rules of the game are to be posted first; at the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people.

1. I prefer to watch anime while eating breakfast, which almost always consists of oatmeal, coffee, and Tropicana orange juice.

2. I don't think NeoCons are really that much different from regular conservatives.

3. I spent a lot of yesterday reading about the Anglo-Zulu war.

4. I put a quarter in my piggy bank every morning.

5. I'm a slow reader.

6. I love driving, though I've been trying to cut back.

7. I love walking for more than six hours in strange, interesting parts of town.

8. I begin each item of this meme with the letter "I".
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