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Two disappointments at once






I was at Target. I purchased a copy of Morrowind at last. I finally gave and realised just how very badly I wanted it.

This was at about, oh, 4:30.

And my plan was this; I would call Trisa and see if she wanted to hang out. I fervently hoped that she would, as it's been awhile since I've seen her, and the few little dialogues we've had served to worry me. But failing that, I would play Morrowind.

Which meant there were two possibilities of good ways to spend my evening.

Yet! First, Trisa was utterly unreachable by any phone. Which always makes me irrationally jittery and stuff. But then, as I resort to my planned alternative, I find that Morrowind does not fucking work on my computer, due to its simply silly video requirements. Requirements that would have me purchase a new video card which, at about sixty dollars, I cannot do.


I'm upset.

I just stared at my computer screen for a long time just not wanting to do anything but glower. I tried calling Trisa again, but of course, all that did was make me feel more choked.

So I read a book.

. . . something damned good had better happen this evening or I'm gonna hunt down and disembowel the god responsible for all this mischief.

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