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In Towers of Paper

One of the side effects of having to move all my stuff lately is that I've come across a bunch of old sketch books and notebooks I haven't seen in years. I thought I'd share a few things with you . . .

I'll start with the notebooks. These were all done in class, and although I did take copious, good notes, I spent far less time studying than I did doodling. There were also tons of poems and stories, but they're all terrible, so I'm mainly sharing drawings.

These are from what was to be my last class notebook, from just a couple years ago;


Not the best of tongues.


The old ball and chain.

A long man, I guess.

He's big, his neck's screwed up, but he's happy.

I tend to draw a lot of birds.

They say there was a great war among the bird empires.

A cat and something mysterious.

So much for Coleridge and whatever notes I was supposed to take about him.

Spider with a beach ball, folks.

Who's lookin' out for ya?

Merry Christmas.

Feels like a lesson, doesn't it? You can just barely make out the pterodactyl on the other side.

I'm not sure what class this was.

Apparently inspired by William Blake, or at least what the teacher was saying about him. It's hard to believe I ever drew so many scales.

A mantis crossed with a decomposed human torso? You be the judge.

I often drew weird conglomerations of what looked like human or animal organs.

Plain lazy notes from Shakespeare class. This is a horse for Richard's kingdom.

More notes from Shakespeare class, this one with a caricature of the teacher.

A boy and his snail.

Verisimilitude? Why not.

More later . . .
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