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Stuff of Youth

These are all from high school art class sketchbooks, so don't expect me at my best quality.

My original design for Nesuko. Colour pencils mixed with markers--not the greatest idea.

I was already at the weird body part configurations.

I quite deliberately defied sense now and then.

My Twi'Lek character from a lunchtime Star Wars role-playing game. Can you believe I was the only one who wanted to be a female Twi'Lek?

I frequently made these nonsense pages. All those STF things actually have to do with modding Doom II.

This is Setsuled, from whom my name comes, and Nesuko's sister Toubanua. They were basically Boshen and Nes's arch-enemies (you can see Toubanua in Boschen and Nesuko on page 268).

An unfinished illustration for a novella I wrote about Setsuled and Toubanua.

The ever fresh Boshen and Nes.

If these two aren't fresh, at least they're clean.

My art teacher, Ms. Ervin, insisted that everyone drew three thumbnails for every project, no matter what the project was, even if it was a still-life. Tim and I used to do our thumbnails after we finished a project. Naturally, two of each set were unrelated to the finished project. Ostensibly, they were supposed to be alternate takes on the same thing, but Tim and I just barely cared;

As you can see, the last one is for the same picture as the second one. I'd forgotten to bring my sketchbook to class, so I hastily drew another set of three.

Classic Nes again.

Lovingly drawn Tom Servo.

Existing in the same universe as Boschen and Nesuko is a 12 gender species called the Neave (you can see one, named Gnelkug, in chapter 11 of Boschen and Nesuko). This chart shows how they had sex.
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