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The Power of the Sun

After much going up and down stairs yesterday, my room is finally back together and I have a desk again so I think I'll do some drawing to-day.

I've been getting up at 8:30am lately. Can you believe it? I've been setting my alarm so I don't continue sleeping when it feels natural to do so, despite the fact that I've been getting to bed at 12 or 12:30. I don't have much time for anything before bed except one of sovay's poems, so I haven't been watching many movies lately. Last night I watched the final episode of Harvey Birdman (see below), which featured the supremely triumphant return of Stephen Colbert ("Ha ha ha! Final episode stunt casting!").

Looking forward to Comic-Con still. That's why I've been sleeping at night. That and the broken air conditioner, though it's been a little better since my grandmother let us open windows at certain times of day (she's now afraid of mould flying in the windows). I finished bringing things into my room and unpacking this morning (though a few bags remain in my car). I actually made some attempt to organise my books, especially my manga, but it's kind of impossible with so many things wedged in a garage. What I wouldn't give for a place with book shelves . . .

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