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To-day was my mother's birthday, and I was out all day with family so I'm too tired to write about Comic-Con now. So here's a meme I've taken from matociquala;

You list a lyric from the first 25 songs in your randomised playlist and invite people to guess the song title and artist. As matociquala said, "GOOGLING IS CHEATING."

And when you cheat like that, you only cheat yourself. With that sober thought;

1) I pin you to my chest. Sell you to the rest. I kiss her gown. Send those angels down to woo me now. (PJ Harvey's "O Stella." sovay)
2) The quill from a buzzard. The blood writes the word. I want to know am I the sky or a bird. (Tom Waits, "Dirt in the Ground" stsisyphus)
3) Let the heathen spill theirs on the dusty ground. God shall make them pay for each sperm that can't be found. ("Every Sperm Is Sacred," Monty Python's The Meaning of Life sovay)
4) I saw your face. Whiter the purity. Then I saw savages standing before me. (PJ Harvey's "Bows and Arrows." sovay)
5) But we might be maidens. We might be Queens. But we are not made to realise your dreams.
6) Stick your spoon in the wall. We'll slaughter them all. (Tom Waits' "November." sovay)
7) Oh, the summertime is coming and the trees are sweetly blooming and the wild mountain thyme all the moorlands is perfuming.
8) They want me to quit; they say John, give up the fight. Still to England I say good night, forever, good night! ("Is Anybody There?", 1776 sovay)
9) The snow falls from the sky but it's nice and warm and everyone looks smart and wears a tie. ("Christmas in Heaven," from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life chris_walsh)
10) If I could tell you anything I would tell you something. If you, if you could miss it. (PJ Harvey's "The Phone Song" sovay)
11) Once upon a time is how it always goes but I'll make it brief. What was started out with such excitement now I'd gladly end with relief. ("Nothing is Good Enough" by Aimee Mann scarbaby)
12) Half a love, never appealed to me. If your heart never could yield to me, then I'd rather have nothing at all.
13) They say you better listen to the voice of reason. But they don't give you any choice 'cause they think that it's treason. (Elvis Costello -- "Radio, Radio" sa_jathan)
14) The eggshells I've been treading couldn't spare me a beheading and I'll know I had it coming from a Caesar who was only slumming. ("The Fall of the World's Own Optimist" by Aimee Mann scarbaby)
15) 60 mouths talking but making no sense of life and of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (PJ Harvey's "66 Promises" sovay)
16) Table cloths and patent leather shoes. Bathing suits and bowling balls and clarinets and rings. (Tom Waits, "Soldier's Things" stsisyphus)
17) I can't afford to climb aboard you. No one's got that much ego to spend. So don't work your stuff because I've got troubles enough. ("Deathly," by Aimee Mann chris_walsh)
18) The man in the corner of this picture has a sinister purpose/In the teeming Temple of the Railroad Kings/He's planting a trashy paperback book for accidental purchase/Containing all the secrets of life and other useless things.
19) Though nothing will keep us together, we could steal time, just for one day. ("'Heroes'" by David Bowie scarbaby)
20) She looked like she learned to dance from a series of still pictures. She's madly excited now; she throws her hands up like a tulip.
21) You were victorious against evaporation. You fought a horrifying wet, large, larva thing. Inside a theatre of dogs, who couldn't sing.
22) The weasel squeaks faster than a seven day week. I said that Timmy and that purple monkey are all down at Bobby's house . . . ("Marianne" by Tori Amos misalady)
23) Like painted kites, those days and nights - went flyin by. The world was new, beneath a blue - umbrella sky.
24) It's hard to walk in the dress, it's not easy. I'm swinging over like a heavy loaded fruit tree. (PJ Harvey's "Dress" sovay)
25) To create a universe, you must taste the forbidden fruit.
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