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Squandered Affections

The short story I wrote recently is on my website now, here. I uploaded it despite the fact that the trusted person I mentioned has failed to respond to any e-mails from me for the past three days, apparently preferring to spend time navel gazing. Picked a hell of a time to decide I wasn't worth having as a friend. I must say, since I started using e-mail in high school, I've never had an online friend whose correspondence was so blithely inconsiderate. I can't think of a single person who, receiving an obviously sensitive e-mail from me, didn't at least drop me a line saying they didn't have time to respond, if that was the case. But actually the person in question very obviously had lots of time on hand--this whole thing seems to be completely senseless and it's left me feeling frustrated and sort of humiliated.

Anyway, it's also made this short story experiment feel more important than I intended it to. I mean, I do hope it works, but I'm not going to feel utterly defeated if it doesn't--feel free to give negative comments. In fact, criticism would be enormously appreciated, negative and positive. But no sycophants, please. I have no stomach for it right now.
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