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I have a new computer. And not a moment too soon--just a few days without a computer felt like solitary confinement. The old one's hard drive crashed--the read thing, which, from what I understand is sorta like the needle on a record player, crashed into the hard disk. Tim tells me that's inevitable with this type of hard drive, and it's a wonder it lasted as long as it did.

Now I've got a better computer than the one that died, thinks to Tim who had a bunch of spare parts he was able to put together into a single machine better than my musty, decade old thing. Now I've got 120 gigabytes to work with, as opposed to only about sixty. Gods, I'm lucky. I mean, I was just thinking about all the individual pieces of luck that just happened to add up to getting a computer again with most of my old files;

The fact that my mother got me an 80 gig iPod for Christmas, even though she had no reason to think I might want one (neither had I). The fact that I backed up most of my files onto my iPod when my wall was getting torn out. The fact that Tim was just willing to give me a whole computer. Someone's looking out for me. Oden? Dionysus? Aule? Whoever; thanks.

There were a few things that weren't backed up that I'll definitely miss. Like Microsoft Word. Though I'm sure I can lay hands on a copy of that. I'll really miss my old copy of WinAmp with the user-made Gendo Ikari skin I picked up from gods know where many years ago. And unfortunately, I didn't back up most of my mp3s except as iPod formatted tracks. I wish Apple wasn't so keen on marking territory. Still, I can't really complain considering that iPod saved my artwork and writing (though I lost a lot of pages of my newest comic project, which is more than a little discouraging). I was also able to listen to music by hooking my iPod to my computer speakers. And I can watch movies on it. It really is an indispensable little gadget.

Now I'm really itching to try out a few new things on this computer . . .

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