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And Now the Penguins March on the Hobo Jungle

I'm starting to think it wasn't the sake that made me sick, but that I just happened to get a flu that same night, because my stomach still hurts and I feel like I have a ping pong ball in my throat constantly threatening to pop up.

I thought the cats were giving me sympathy this morning because they both started mewing and following me around whenever they saw me but, of course, they stopped after I fed them. Kitties look out for number one.

I'd like to get out from under this sickness*. It's making me feel useless.

I turned into a penguin last night. Specifically, Pen-Pen from Neon Genesis Evangelion;

I think this was my homage to the episode where power went out all over Japan;

After hours of wandering, Pen-Pen finally despaired of finding his way out of the hedge maze;

Pen-Pen is a twenty-first century penguin, though;

*Every hardcore Cure fan automatically said "Find a cure!" just now.
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