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Girl in my dreams

The past several nights, my dreams have been a sort of montage of Trisa. I can't remember any specific scenes or happenings, just various impressions of her. I think I'm becoming slightly obsessed, and I told her so last night . . .

The Views of Death and Dying in Literature we’re in together was pretty damned cool. The teacher looked pretty damned cool--Mr. Sherlock's kind of a short, slightly penguin shaped man with a kinna pointy, shaven head. His ears are like little tabs meant to be pulled, his eyebrows have lil' points near the height of their arches. His goatee looks like female pubic hair, an impression emphasised by the cleft in his chin, and his outfit is fantastic--black slacks, white button-down shirt, black vest, and dark red tie.

After class I had the privilege of photographing Trisa. She is so gorgeous . . . I hope I turned the roll of film in to the developer people in the proper fashion . . .

Now I must go, I've a busy day to do . . .

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