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No Pants Problem

At the post office yesterday, I wondered why there were so many fat old men there wearing t-shirts and suspenders. One of them rode in on a bicycle. Another one, with very bad B.O., was ahead of me in line. I was reading one of my pocket sized copies of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland when he asked me, "Did you ever see that movie, Men in Black?"

"Uh, yeah," I said.

"Good, wasn't it?"

"Sure," I said, nodding and immediately returning to my book. It took me a moment to realise he'd asked because I was wearing all black.

Not too much else to say about yesterday. I'm working on a new comic, something I intend to be a Halloween special for my web site. I'm still in the script writing phase, and I'm really enjoying it because I've given myself an extremely difficult puzzle to solve. I've brought together several elements that seem related to me psychologically and/or thematically, and now I'm trying to fit them together in a plot.

Also, I might as well admit now, one of my inspirations is a Halloween episode of Simon & Simon I saw as a little kid that I didn't quite understand but found rather creepy, probably especially for not understanding it.
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