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I'm exhausted. I need a break, so . . . here's a meme taken from mellawyrden, who's also apparently drawing all night . . .

Use the FIRST letter of your last name to answer all of the questions. They have to be REAL answers....nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person ahead of you has the same letter as you. You can not use your name for the boy/girl name question!

Last name: Setsuled
Famous artist/band: The Smiths
Four-letter word: Shit
US state: South Carolina
Boy name: Sven
Girl name: Sally
Occupation: Sailor
Something you wear: Sarong
Celebrity name: Sarah Silverman
Something found in a kitchen: Soy sauce
Reason for being late: Sloth
Something you shout: So!
Body part: Scapula
Alcohol Drink: Sake
Animal: Serpent
Movie: Seven Samurai
TV Show: Simon and Simon
Candy: Starburst
Store: S-Mart
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