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Nothing Bad Could Ever Happen at Tiffany's

I've given up trying to sleep. There're evacuations now in Lakeside, which is on the side of Santee (where I live) opposite where the fires were (and still are) yesterday. There's been no mention of Santee in the news except to say that Santana High School, my high school, is being used as a shelter for Lakeside evacuees.

They're still calling this fire completely uncontained, so I'm nervous, as you might expect. I'm going to start making a few preparations.

I mean to work on my comic to-day.

Yesterday I listened to Peter Bogdanovich's commentary for The Searchers and producer Richard Shepherd's commentary for Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Bogdanovich commentary was easily more interesting and informative, though the producer's perspective on the Audrey Hepburn movie wasn't without interest. He talked about choosing Hepburn over Marilyn Monroe because Audrey seemed to him to have more of an innate sensitivity.

Martin Balsam's character calls Holly Golightly a phoney, but a real phoney, which is a key observation to her fantastically, perfectly formed character. She makes fantastic promises she can't keep, but she nonetheless makes those promises in all earnest. She has a thousand superficial relationships not because she's cold, but because she's so sensitive that the promise of depth in a relationship derails her in ways she cannot admit to herself because to do so would be to acknowledge a weakness in herself she so often speaks derisively of in others.

"Okay, so he's not a rat, or even a super rat, just a scared little mouse." She had that Brazilian guy pegged better than Paul.

Anyway. I better get to things . . .
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