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Working and Watching

Still no call to evacuate. But evacuations were ordered in El Cajon yesterday, and now, I see there are some being ordered in Rancho San Diego--both of those areas are south of here. So we seem to be in the eye of this thing here.

I keep seeing guys on CNN talk about the similarities to this and Katrina, and how federal and local responses seem to be much more effective in this case. There have been two deaths so far, compared to Katrina's much larger, untold number. But I would argue there are a number of other differences--aside from the fact that the federal government is obviously going to want to skip to faster this time for purely PR reasons, there's also the fact that mobility is far easier. I've heard of only a couple roads being made unusable to emergency vehicles, and besides this, the roads and places in Southern California are much more spread out than in most of the country's older cities. San Diego's also the fifth most expensive place to live in the country, which means there are far fewer people unable to transport themselves.

President Bush is supposed to be here for a photo op on Thursday. How much you want to bet he plays it as St. George conquering the Katrina dragon at last?
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