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Cordite's Lucky Day

Things are still unchanged here, though ash is starting to fall from the sky more noticeably. I'm trying to keep myself steeled.

I had dinner with my mother and sister last night, which is why I didn't get as much done on my comic as I wanted to--I pencilled two pages, inked a page and a half, and coloured a fourth of an MST3k's worth (The Starfighters, one of my favourite episodes. The refuelling sequence alone is worth watching the episode for). But I am now halfway done with all the pencils.

I listened to the cast commentary for Re-Animator, which was a fun commentary. It's fun listening to Barbara Crampton giggling over her own gratuitous nudity, and hearing the guys trying to sound detached (Jeffrey Combs; "Look at that lighting fixture." Barbara Crampton; "Look at those breasts! They're right there!").

I'm starting to run out of commentaries. I think I only have Gremlins left, though I'm oddly looking forward to hearing what Phoebe Cates has to say.
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