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Hmm . . .

What a kaleidoscope this week has been! What a mulch of interesting things!

And to-night I can rest well knowing that on the morrow I can at last sleep as late as I need. I feel bad saying that, though, as Trisa only got about three hours sleep last night and in fact has not gotten even six hours sleep in a single night. Poor girl.

I had opportunity to photograph her again to-night, which was good since so few of them came out last time . . . I've said it before, I'll say it again--that girl is utterly gorgeous. From her arched eyebrows, to her almond shaped eyes to her somehow swift looking lips . . .

She and I started our Shakespeare class to-day, and it seems to be, by far, the easiest class I'm signed up for--and definitely the easiest Trisa's signed up for.

Now I think I'd better read some Poe before I fall unconscious . . .
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