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The Price of Beans

No commentaries yesterday. I ended up listening to Morrissey, William S. Burroughs, and lots of David Bowie, starting with Space Oddity and working my way up to Hunky Dory. It always seems to come as a revelation to me how much I really, really love The Man Who Sold the World. And Space Oddity's good for more than the title track. I quite like "God Knows I'm Good" and "Letter to Hermione" makes me a little sad knowing he never got back together with her. I guess even David Bowie gets his heart broken.

I pencilled two pages and inked two pages, and then I cut my thumb on the lid of a bean can while I was trying to make myself a burrito. I somehow managed to make the little Mexican meal I was hungry for one-handed while my other started bleeding profusely. Unfortunately, it was my right hand, so I only coloured for the rest of the night, which, well, I really needed to catch up on anyway. I think my thumb's basically healed but hopefully it won't split open while I'm drawing.

The Chargers are actually going to play at the stadium, which I guess is why they're forcing evacuees to move out. Nice, guys. But the flames do seem to be on the retreat.

Now I'd better feed the cats. My aunt's moving out, and soon the cats won't be around anymore. I'm sure gonna miss those little things. I can't say I blame my aunt, though, considering how Republican my grandmother is about cats. I think the last straw was when my grandmother wouldn't let my aunt feed an elderly, skinny cat that's started hanging around the backyard. My grandmother said it was because it made her sad to see the old cat. If you ever wondered why someone would vote against S-Chip, there it is.

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