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Mariachi on the Road

Looks like it's probably going to rain to-day. That'll be good.

Lots and lots of colouring last night. I worked until 4am, again. I listened to the Desperado commentary, which was informative. It's nice to hear a director like Robert Rodriguez who sounds like he's genuinely interested in providing valuable commentary. I had no idea Desperado was such a low budget movie (seven million dollars). Rodriguez explained all the techniques used to make it look expensive, like using only two stuntmen for the whole movie, serving as his own editor, and hiring the bigger name actors, like Steve Buscemi and Cheech Marin, for only six days a piece and using creative editing to make it look like they were there longer.

I was surprised to learn that Salma Hayek was the first female, Mexican lead in a Hollywood movie since Dolores Del Rio in the 40s. But gods, Hayek looks good in Desperado. It's no wonder the studio abandoned their desire to cast a blonde after Rodriguez showed them Hayek's screen test.

Anyway. Let to-day's marathon begin . . .
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