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I dreamt last night that I woke up at Parkway Plaza (a mall), and that Trisa lived at Parkway Plaza. Only she wasn't there when I woke up.

As I left the mall, driving west, I spotted Trisa out of the corner of my eye, running along behind my car. When I stopped and poked my head out the window, asking her if she wanted a ride, she replied, "I just wanted to see you off and say g'bye,"

So I shrugged and kept driving--only to notice that she was still following me. I stopped again, this time at a light, and asked her the same question. I got the same reply.

This time, when I started moving again, I ran a red light, and a police car shot a thin, bright red laser at me. But he missed so I got away Scot free!


Just noticed that one of Arucard's recent entries has the word "kaleidoscope" in the title and that my own previous post also uses the word "kaleidoscope" near the beginning. And I wondered if I'd been unconsciously influenced to use that word by having read Rich's entry beforehand . . .

Had some waffles for breakfast. I like waffles okay . . . I also had some kind of puffy, butterscotch cookies with them. They tasted like packing foam in the best way imaginable.

True to my word, I slept in very late this morning. Now I would like to work on my novel or something, but I can't because I've got a very meaningless errand to run *sigh*.

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