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Environmental effects

Good morning world! Yay!

Hm. I am right now deciding what I shall have for breakfast . . . shall I have waffles? Shall I have oatmeal? Shall I have anything at all? I suppose most "normal" people at this time would be having lunch, huh?

Last night, I finally caught an opportunity to show Amélie to my sister, and just as I suspected, she liked it.

It made me realise what a noisy house my parents and sister live in, though. The end of the movie, where there's several key moments that kinna require silence were a little screwed by the noises of my dad going into the kitchen and, from the sound of things, ripping pieces of paper; and there was also the sounds of my mum sticking her head out of the bedroom to whine, "Is that movie over yet?"

But I don't think I'll ever come across my ideal environment for movie watching--a room utterly soundproof with no extraneous uncontrollable lights casting a glare on the screen, a big widescreen, and perfect surround sound . . . *sigh*
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