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I am tired. I left the house at 1pm and didn't get back until 10pm. Most of that time was spent walking. See, my car's still not working, and I absolutely had to see No Country for Old Men. Since it's only playing in two cinemas in the county, seeing it necessitated taking the trolley to downtown and taking a very long walk up the hill to Hillcrest. The good news is it was worth it.

No Country for Old Men is a sweetly beautiful film. It pushed all kinds of the right buttons for me. It said with eloquence so much of what I was trying to say with Boschen and Nesuko. I may talk more about it later, but right now I'm damned tired.

I saw a lot of weird graffiti to-day. Entering downtown, I saw on the side of a building, "FUCK THE WORD." Then, as I was walking up the hill, I saw, spray-painted in pink lower-cased letters on an abandoned building's second storey window, "love is confused." At a construction site, a temporary wood wall bore the message, "What up, Enron?"
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