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Not a cowboy

Ah now, still here in contemplation and half sleepiness.

I still think I feel good though actually . . . yeah . . .

I think my primary goal to-day shall be to eat pizza. I have a serious craving for pizza. And a coffee beverage that has cinnamon in it. Maybe just cinnamon.

I wonder how Cryptess is doing?

You know, instead of a car, I wish I had a giant mechanical spider with a genuine ebony exoskeleton. Everyone would think I was so cool. I'd smile and laugh down at their smiling and laughing faces. I'd wave my hat in the air and go YEEEEEEEEEEEEHHAAAAAAAAAW like a cowboy.

A little girl at Rubio’s the other day was certain I was a cowboy, despite her parents' attempts to explain that mine was not a cowboy hat. Her dad called mine a "city hat".

I smiled and told the girl that I was sure that there must have been a few cowboys that wore hats like mine.

For the record though, I'm not a cowboy.
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