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Up at 6am to get to an appointment at a carplace at 8am. No, I did not require even close to two hours to get there. But knowing myself as I do, I knew that if I had to get up early--any time between 4 and 8am--I was gonna drag my ass. And I did, nearly spending an hour in the shower (er, that's a lot for me).

In the crisp, early morning world in which to-day the air was graced by a timid, out-of-season rain, I made my first stop at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which, opening at 6:30am, is the place earliest to open at Parkway Plaza mall.

Why are there so many fucking gorgeous girls working at coffee places? This blond one, with short tossled hair, who seemingly emerged from the back room especially to serve me, appeared almost worringly happy at the sight of me.

Glancing out the window as I fished in my wallet for money, she exclaimed in a similerly exuberiantly cheerful tone, "Yay! The sun!!"

Looks as though I'm prolly not gonna have a car all weekend, which is rather appealing to me (excepting the fact that it prolly means I shan't see much of Trisa this weekend. But I suspect I shall get lots of work done.

I shall also, I suspect, be doing a lot of walking. I already walked here from the car place--a reasonably large distance--and gave myself a stomach ache by gulping down a sobe.

Hm. Perhaps I shall walk to Magious's now . . .

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