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Aimless Pilgrimages

I've downloaded 99.8% of Mikio Naruse's Yama no oto. That last .2% is taking forever. The ETA fluctuates between two hours and two weeks. I've already been downloading this thing for a week, and this is the only Naruse movie that comes up in Scrape Torrent that I haven't seen yet. I feel like I've been eating them like candy.

I went to a Denny's I'd never been to in Rancho San Diego to-day to read the somewhat difficult Middle English prologue of The Canterbury Tales, only to be served by a mumbling waiter eight hundred times more difficult to understand.

I've been re-watching season one of Deep Space Nine lately. I got to "The Nagus" last night. Though I still kind of like Wallace Shawn in the role, I found the caricature-like, ultra greedy Ferengi a little off-putting. They sort of reminded me of the squinting, buck-toothed Japanese soldiers in World War II propaganda cartoons. Maybe I'm getting too sensitive . . .
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