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Sleepy Again!

Would you believe it? What's more, I've been sleepy all day.

Combine this with my peculiar lack of hunger and . . . something strange is a happenin' to me.

Maybe I'm becoming a werewolf? It could be, you know.


I think I'll actually kinna enjoy getting my car back to-morrow. All day to-day I've wanted to go out and get a smoothie or coffee or something. But I was denied these things.

(*sigh!**oh sigh!*)

I've a bunch of reading still to do for my class to-morrow, but just to be rebellious and kick-ass, I'm gonna finish reading The Specialist's Hat by Kelly Link so :P on you world! . . . :P

I have, of course, resorted to my wonderful green tea again. And it is good. Yes . . . it is good.

I realised to-day that I had left my sketchbook at Trisa's yesterday on accident! I cannot even convey to you how naked and strangely defeated I felt by that. Like, all of my messy little "work-in-progress" shit laid bare to her. I can't imagine my comic book seeming so special once it's finished . . . *sigh* maybe this is a sign I should start over on it or something . . . I dunno . . . I kinna felt like I'd bit off more than I could chew anyway.

Or actually, maybe it was just a general feeling that the comic was distracting me from my novel. I think about my novel all the time . . . even though it's been a couple of days since I physically put anything down for it . . . I'm constantly scheming in my brain about it--trying different structures, different avenues down which the story could flow, what little bits to use in order to express what I mean to express . . .
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